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Ooooh, Navy Seals!

A true to life story.

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12 June 1981
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I was born, I am in the process of living, and preparing to die. That pretty much sums it up. Oh yeah, I have also seen all 6 Star Wars movies and eaten fried chicken.

Extended bio:

Born in Rome, New York, moved to Bossier City, LA at age 4. Attended Sun City Elementary then onto Curtis Elementary where I received the first of my two 'F' grades ever. Elm Grove Jr High was my next place of schooling, and where I met and made fun of Christobel until I decided I was being too much of an ass. Then arriving at Parkway High School, I got my second 'F' in Algebra II Honors because I decided to not turn in my research paper, although I made a C for the year, so w00t. Graduated from PHS, went to Airline University, aka BPCC or Highschool 2. Got kicked out of our friends graduation ceremony because of some retarded folks the following year. Met a girl, she ended up ruining my life for a while, but that's over with now. So, now I work at a boring job, that pays poorly, with some cool people and a few oddballs. Life isn't so great, but it isn't so bad either. UPDATE!!!!! OMG!!! Now I work at Best buy and get paid a lot more money, let my life get ruined for a while again by someone else, now we're cool, and I'm currently trying to get my finances straight so that I can begin my plans for world domination. Yay!

UPDATE: (12/22/2016)
Holy Shit, this is so out of date. Let me bring you up to speed! So, while working at Best Buy, I finally got to meet this Vicky girl I was friends with on LJ that Christobel had talked about a bit, and what do you know, we fell in love! We got engaged and went to Star Wars Celebration and Walt Disney World/Land so many times its hard to believe. WE EVEN GOT TO SIT RELATIVELY CLOSE TO GEORGE LUCAS at the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Extravaganza X Star Wars show. No bullshit. We adopted 2 fucking adorable corgi childrenbros named Brisco and Lord Bowler, I got a job at the USPS, we moved into an apartment for a year, moved back into our parents houses, she went to Japan for 2 years, I got to visit her in Tokyo(best trip of my life), she flew to Cali for SW Celebration VII/Didneylan and we got married there, she went back to Japan for a few months and came back to a trip to Florida for our honeymoon continuation of sorts at WDW again. Now we have a home in Minden, LA with our two badass puppers and we are both working at the post office. Its been a crazy 8 years and I've loved every minute of it. Also, there have been 2 Star Wars TV shows that were/are both awesome as shit, and 2 new Star Wars movies have come out! The first one was good, not great, and the second was totally badass. I think that brings us to today. Don't be jelly of my life, donut do it.

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